The Mango-licious Mango Happy Juice

February 23, 2024

Well, well, well, who knew a pack of mango goodness would roll to the scene and entice me over to having a new favorite Happy Juice? I understand what I’m about to say is a bit dramatic, but I mean HELLO, do you know me? The story I am about to tell you is real. All statements I am making are facts. You know the drill. Snuggle up and let’s chat about the day I found out “Mr Mango” was coming on the scene, and how I was DETERMINED not to like him. Yep. I admit it. A new guy was here, and I had it out for him. 

I feel as if I need to give you a backstory to defend my harsh opinions on this new guy, Mr. Mango. You see I was three months into my relationship with the most perfect of all perfect concoctions, pomegranate-lime, and grape Happy Juice. We had a good thing going and I was feeling on top of my game. While I am okay with change and like trying new products, I had some reservations right off the bat. 

MANGO. I AM ALLERGIC TO MANGO. (said in all caps)

Seriously? Why did it have to be mango?

I get it. It was selfish of me to not be thinking about the probably 99% of the population out there that could partake in this goodness, but I didn’t think I could have it, so CLEARLY they made a wrong call here with the flavor. Come on people. 

Next, the caffeine went from 55mg to 100mg. Ummmm, HELLO. I quit caffeine forever ago, and while YES, I had been doing just fine with the 55mg of naturally occurring caffeine in my current concoction, and experiencing no jitters, SURELY this 45 mg increase would turn into the most monster of all monster drinks and I would be bouncing off the walls. So yes. YES. If I couldn’t partake in this goodness, I did allow a jealous rage to overtake me and I built a wall. I am not proud of my actions, but I am being truthful. 

I will never forget the day the box was put before me. We were in a meeting, and someone said, “Hey, check out the new Mango”. There it was. So close, yet so far away. I marveled at the sleek design and longed to give it a try. The Lord was looking out for me that day because I just so happened to be on a call with the product developer. I fessed up and mentioned how I was SOOOOOOO sad that I couldn’t try it since I was allergic to mango. He had already reassured me I would be okay with the mango leaf that was in the original juice, (of course told me to proceed with caution), but with this being mango I just knew I couldn’t have it. Nope. He smiles and says the same thing he told me before. The way this is extracted, I should be just fine. Of course, again, proceed with caution based on the severity of the allergy, but give it a little try. 

Fast forward a couple of days, we were in another meeting where they were passing around some samples to try. Should I do it? Of course, I should. I sat there just waiting for a reaction. Nope. NONE. I was getting a glimmer of hope here. Maybe, just maybe I could get in on the mango goodness. Now I had to tackle the bonus 45mg of caffeine. I am pleased to announce, that after drinking it a day or two, it had my full approval. No jitters. Let me tell you. I chiseled down that wall I built and allowed Mr. Mango to move on in. The rest is history. 

So, what is Mango Happy Juice all about? What’s in it? Why is it so amazing? Why do you need it in your life? I’m glad you asked. Let’s end our story-time today by giving you the FOUR-ONE-ONE on Mr. Mango. You need him in your life. Trust me. YOU DO. 

Why You’ll Love It. What’s In It. How It Works.

  • You will find stress resilience through gut nutrition. 
  • You will find energy and motivation from enhanced plant-based nootropics. 
  • Increases natural serotonin, dopamine, and GABA production.
  • Supports enhanced neuron regeneration. 
  • Supports mental flow, productivity, and your capacity to tackle the day. 
  • Probiotics that target emotional wellness. 
  • Prebiotic fibers that target gut nourishment. 
  • Polyphenols targeted for optimized gut-brain axis signaling. 
  • Mango leaf supports mental flow. 
  • Lychee fruit supports enhanced neuron regeneration.
  • Lion’s Mane supports neuron regeneration and healthy memory. 
  • Contains Citicoline, a precursor to neurotransmitters. 
  • Natural Caffeine that supports body and mind energy, cognitive performance, and attention. 

I know that’s one heck of a bullet-point list, right? If you love to research and dig deep into things, take some time, and look up Lion’s Mane and its benefits. Woah boy, it will blow your mind. I believe this was one of the main ingredients I was most excited about consuming. 

If you love the original Happy Juice, which I talk about in this post, Hip Hip Hooray for Happy Juice, you will equally love this, and probably more. YIKES. Sorry Mr. Pomegranate-Lime, don’t hold it against us. You get all the same ingredients and benefits and more. The other thing I like about the mango concoction, is you only have to mix two components, rather than three. You will be using the Mango Edge and Mentabiotics. 

For me personally, I LOVE the flavor. Oh. My. Word. I think that’s the first thing everyone says when they try it. “This tastes SO GOOD.” I mix my drink in about 30 ounces of water, so it is a bit diluted. You can alter the strength of the flavor by adding more or less water. I mentioned earlier that I am allergic to mango. I have had zero issues with this, but I will always say to proceed with caution. I also have done just fine with the caffeine. Again, I do dilute mine down a bit more than the typical person. If you are sensitive to caffeine, I say at least give it a try. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee, so if it’s not for you, you can always return it and get the dragon fruit caffeine-free one. 

What results am I seeing differently with Mango over the original? I know you may be wondering. I believe for me, one thing I notice is I don’t go to my cabinets to grab an extra Kid’s Mood Supplement in the middle of the day. My friend Amanda mentioned this to me when she began using it, and I didn’t think anything about it until I noticed I was doing the same thing. It’s normal for me to grab and take at least two Kids Mood packets a day. (Yeah, I know, it’s how I roll. I need FOCUS.) I still will occasionally have my two, but for the most part, I do one a day now. I’m still seeing the same benefits as I did with the original because all the ingredients are the same. It’s like I’m getting an added boost, plus did I mention the flavor? Oh, yeah, I did. IT IS SO GOOD. 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I’m not sure I have had a set of products help me quite like my Amare products have helped me. I didn’t realize how much my gut played a role in my mental wellness, and I didn’t ‘realize how much my mental wellness played into my physical wellness. What I mean by that, is when I began to focus on gut health, my mental wellness improved, and when my mental wellness improved, my physical wellness began improving. It’s been a game-changer for both Jer and me and I’m so thankful we found it. 

So how do you get this goodness in your life? Ahhhhh, I knew you were going to want it. Let me hook you up. 

If you are a new customer, my affiliate link here will give you $10 off your first purchase. You will become my happy customer and I will set you up with a series of emails and I just may or may not have some other fun things up my sleeve waiting for you. If for some reason you don’t see an email from me, reach out because something went wonky and we’ve got to figure that out. 

I love so many of the products from Amare, you can see my full daily routine of what I take in this post, My Daily Amare Routine. I get it, if you can’t start with #allthethings, then at least start with the Mango Happy Juice, in my opinion, it is one of the best foundations to build upon. It’s also at a limited-edition price while supplies last through March. I encourage you to buy it on subscribe and save to receive an additional 10% off. This doesn’t lock you in for the rest of your life. You can always edit or cancel your order if you need to, but please, don’t miss out on that added savings. 

There you have it. I have so much more I want to tell you about the benefits of Lion’s Mane, and how we are using this with Jer to help with his memory. I will save that for a post devoted fully to that topic because it’s a LOT to bring to the table. How’s that for a cliffhanger? Be watching for that to drop soon. 

I’m high-fiving you over here for wanting to become more intentional with your mental wellness by focusing on your gut. YOU ARE ON TO SOMETHING. YOU TOTALLY ARE. 

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