The You Infuse

coming march 2023

Tell The Story Only You Can Tell

Shine bright for such a time as this.

We all have them. Hopes, dreams, passions, gifts, and talents. 
We may also have fears, insecurities, and difficult things we have walked through. These all make up our stories. The You Infuse Podcast will bring it all to the table.
Everyday people, just like you, sharing their stories. 

Stories that Inspire

Stories That Bring Hope

Stories That
 Equip + Empower

We hope you are as excited as we are for the launch of this podcast. March can't get here fast enough.

Get On the List

What's the list? Ummmm, a place where the way fun insider things go down. Each week we go all old school, write out a letter and send it to YOU. (If you are on the list). So, get on the list.

After re-reading the above, it sounds a little bossy. Gosh, I'm that bossy friend. Please don't kick me to the curb. :) 


Posts, stories, and reels, oh my. Let's be honest, this is where the daily fun goes down. Hop on over. I can't wait to see you there!