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Of course I'm a little biased, but I kind of love the products in our shop over at You Infuse. Here's a glimpse at all the goodness you can find there.

Vine & Branch
Canvas Tote

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21 Days of Prayer Study

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"I'm Here For It" Mug

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"Vine and Branch" Mug

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5x7 Scripture Postcards

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Scripture Flip Book

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5x7 Scripture Postcards

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5x7 Scripture Postcards

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My Favorite Books

Hello. My name is Monique, and books bring me great joy. When I find a great book, well, the world must know. So, be prepared for book overload. Check this frequently, because you know I'll keep it updated.

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MoMo's Favorite Things

Now that my babies are having babies, you better believe I have a crazy long list of "MoMo's Favorites". Sigh. Best season EVER. 

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Hey Monique, where's the link for so and so? A question I get asked often. LTK is my attempt at keeping the links living and breathing in one central place, so you don't have to scroll all the posts searching for that one item you can't get off your mind. 

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Web & Business

We spent a ton of time researching all we wanted to use when building out Love, The McLeans.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love these companies and highly recommend them.



If you are creating a website, listen to me, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. It is worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. Oh my. I used a lot of caps, that means I'm super serious. 
What is Tonic? It's a company that offers a variety of templates to help you in the design process of your SHOWIT website. It is hands down THE BEST investment I made when launching our website. Extremely easy to use and some of my favorite designs. Massive fan here. MASSIVE. You pick the design you love and get to work. Drag and drop your images, input your wording and BAM, your website is done. 



Follow me here. If you purchase a TONIC template, you will need SHOWIT to build out your site. There are also templates you can use through SHOWIT if you wish. The whole design experience has seriously been loads of fun. Oh, and the customer service is AMAZING. I have created, or worked on several websites over the years, and this has hands down been the best experience. I have dropped massive money for others to do this work for me in the past and I did this allllll on my own, (well, with a little help from Jer), and I enjoyed it. I actually LOVED it. This is a MUST in your web design. I will forever shout SHOWIT from the rooftops!



I will be completely transparent here. I'm just diving into the whole "Email" world. I've dabbled in it here and there, but NEVER with consistency and intentionality. While building out this website, I took courses on the importance of communicating through email, and ways to do it right. You know, less of a spammy feel. I fell in love with FLODESK and the ease of sharing. The way you can make your emails look beautiful and flow with the look and feel of what fits YOU and your design blows my mind. If you are wanting to kick up your game and dive into the whole email thing, FLODESK will rock your world. For real. Trust me. 


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When I think of systems I never want to be without in my business, CANVA is one of them. It has saved us so much money AND time when it comes to creating graphics and images for projects. When I have an idea or a need for a quick image, I need it STAT. I don't have time to contact a professional designer. That process can take hours or days for a turn around. CANVA allows me the capability to whip out a design from my phone while I'm on the go. There are tons of templates and designs to choose from, and it's easy to use in a drag and drop format. Once you start playing around, you will be hooked. Mark my word, you need this in your life. 

Get On the List

What's the list? Ummmm, a place where the way fun insider things go down. Each week we go all old school, write out a letter and send it to YOU. (If you are on the list). So, get on the list.

After re-reading the above, it sounds a little bossy. Gosh, I'm that bossy friend. Please don't kick me to the curb. :) 


Posts, stories, and reels, oh my. Let's be honest, this is where the daily fun goes down. Hop on over. I can't wait to see you there!