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I can only think of twice that I’ve seen my husband cry. After a year or two of struggling with forgetting names or unable to think of a particular word, he lost it. We were driving down the road and he busted out crying. I was confused and shocked. When I asked him what was the matter, he fessed up and told me. "I'm afraid I'm going to forget you and the girls." You see, he watched his grandmother forget. I knew it was time to do something about this struggle. 

When a product helps me personally, the world must know. When a product helps my husband with one of his greatest fears, well, it's game on. Everyone on the planet must have it. 

Why we are passionate about Amare

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Let's Meet The 
OG Happy Juice

Okay, so let's chat. The OG Happy Juice is ONE drink composed of three different products you mix in water that's going to rock your world. These three products are packed with ingredients that will make your gut biome smile. It's time to support balance, energy, and motivation. If you are overwhelmed by where to begin, I always suggest this OG Happy Juice or the new Mango, which we will discuss below.

Let's take a look at the three products that are in this OG Happy Juice. I'm so excited. You are about to get things kicked up to amazing level. Game on.

How It Works: Mix These Three

An energy product that brings rapid improvements in brain and physical performance with no jitters or crash.


This is an all-natural nootropic. Mango leaf, lychee fruit, and palm fruit come together to support mental flow, motivation, and endurance. 


Unique strains of prebiotics, probioticcs, and phytobiotics that have been scientifically shown to improve mental wellness.



my new favorite

Meet the new man on the block. MANGO Happy Juice.

I realize you aren't supposed to have favorites, or are you? If you are, ummmm, then the new Mango Happy Juice has won my heart over, forever and ever, Amen. Not only does it taste AMAZING, you have all the ingredients from the original Happy Juice and then some. Oh yeah baby, this got a boost of amazingness. 

Because I have an obsession with binge watching Dr. Shawn's videos, I will drop another video below for you to partake in. I'm nice like that. 

You Only Mix Two Ingredients For This Drink

All the same great ingredients in the original, but now with Lion's Mane to support neuron regeneration and healthy memory, and Citicoline, a precursor to neurotransmitters.

Mango Edge+

Exact same product that's in the OG Happy Juice. It's time to optimize the gut with those specific strains of pre, pro, and phytobiotics for production of  "feel good" neurotransmitters.


The Mango-licious Happy Juice explained by Dr. Shawn.

How long does a supply of the OG or Mango Happy Juice last? 

You will get a one month supply if you drink one happy juice a day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the OG Happy Juice or Mango Happy Juice have caffeine in it? 

Yes, the Pomegranate/Lime Energy and Mango Edge+ both have natural occuring caffeine. 

Is there a caffeine-free option for Happy Juice? 

Yes, you can purchase the OG Happy Juice and choose the Dragon Fruit Energy. 

How much caffeine is in the OG Happy Juice and the Mango Happy Juice?

There is 55mg in the Pomegranate/Lime Energy, and 100mg in the Mango Edge+. 

I am sensitive to caffeine, will this give me the jitters? 

I personally am super sensitive to caffeine and I do fine with both versions. I mix in 30 ounces of water.

Are there any artificial colors or flavors in the two versions of Happy Juice?

No, this is super over the top clean. The natural flavors are truly natural. Nothing shady going on here.

Can those who are pregnant or breast feeding drink Happy Juice? 

There shouldn't be any reason to have a concern, however we always say it's good to ask your doctor.

Can I drink the Happy Juice while taking other meds or supplements? 

It's always good standard practice to discuss with your doctor, these ingredients shouldn't interact. 

One Mango Happy Juice in the morning.

A pouch of Sunrise and Nitro in the morning.

Two Mood+, Two MentaFocus, Two MentaSync, and Two MentaHeart in morning.

One Kids Mood around lunch.

Three Sunset at dinner.

Two Kids Calm Gummies before bed. 

Here's a Sneak Peek of My FULL Daily Amare Supplement Routine:

Click here to read my FUll Blog post WHere I break it all down.

Let's Learn About some of my

Current Obsessions

Not only am I obsessed with these products, I'm also obsessed with the crazy short, two to five minute videos Dr. Shawn Talbott does on these products. Check it out below. 

Kids Fundamentals

Kids Calm Gummies

Kids Mood






Ignite (Her)










Don't Let All That Overwhelm You Though!

Remember what I said, If you want to begin with a simple and SOLID foundation, grab you some Happy Juice. 

Want to make a Happy Juice for your kids? We've got you covered with the Kids Fundamentals. It's an all in one product that supports the gut-brain axis. This easy to digest formula has ingredients shown to improve mood and reduce tension in human clinical trials.

This melatonin-free supplement supports healthy sleep habits and quality sleep. Gelatin-free and sugar-free, sweetened with blueberry juice. Promotes healthy GABA and serotonin levels. It is packed full of amazing ingredients to help kids AND adults. 

Let's Talk Kids Line In-Depth

Kids Fundamentals

Kids Calm Gummies

Amazingness #1

Amazingness #2

This all natural supplement features a saffron extract that is shown to normalize feel-good neurotransmitter activity, reduce oxidative stress, reduce stress hormones, and provide neuro-protective benefits. Supports the immune and circulatory systems. Supports memory efficiency. 

Kids Mood+

Amazingness #3

Brace yourself. There's a line for kids that adults love TOo!

Click To Watch a Video From Dr. Shawn

Click To Watch a Video From Dr. Shawn

Click To Watch a Video From Dr. Shawn

Here's a breakdown on all the ways to save when you place your order.

Here's a breakdown on all the ways to save when you place your order.

YES. You can stack ALL of these ways to save in one order. 


Be sure to use my $10 off affiliate link for your first order. This will  also connect you to my Amare Happy Mail list. You will receive emails + some fun snail mail. Yay. 


Purchase on subscribe and save. You receive 10% off your order + you earn points that can be redeemed for future products. You can always cancel if needed. 


Check out the ticker ad at the top of the company website. Each month they list monthly promotions, like free shipping + free products when you spend a certain amount. Amazing deals.

Customers can share a unique affiliate code + earn free products.

Customers can share a unique affiliate code + earn free products.

Once you begin "drinking the juice", you will feel the need to share it with the world. As a customer, you receive your own unique affiliate link. When a friend orders from your link, you will earn a product credit. You can earn up to three products per month.

You can find your unique link when you sign into your account in the drop down menu. Look for Share Amare. Your friend will receive $10 off their subscribe and save orders
of $39.95 or more.

You will find your credits to redeem under account settings when you sign into your account. Isn't this the most amazing news ever?

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