Let’s Get You Started with a Bit of Happy from Amare

December 14, 2023

Have you heard the buzz about Amare? Well, if you have, I need to let you know, YES, it is as amazing as you have been hearing. If you haven’t, oh my WORD, you are needing this in your life STAT. Amare is a company that was founded back in 2016 with a mission to help people with their mental wellness. I’m not sure about you, but I will take all the help I can get in this department. Let’s face it, the last couple of years have brought a good bit of attention to this topic. Jer and I went on a deep dive into all things wellness the past couple of years, and mental wellness has been a hot topic on all the podcasts we’ve been listening to, videos we’ve been watching, and articles we’ve been reading. I am sure you have heard about the gut-brain connection; many people refer to the gut as our second brain. This is one way Amare focuses on helping others with mental wellness. The more I study the products and the more I use them, the more I am amazed. I can’t wait for you to experience what I’ve been experiencing. 

I mentioned Jer and I have been hyper-focused on our wellness for the last two years. We began working with a health coach, and one thing I quickly realized, was so many of our physical issues, were tied to emotional issues. High levels of stress will cause chaos in your body. We spend focused time on our diet and exercise, but do we know how to set boundaries in our lives with those things that may be toxic or cause us stress? Stress increases our cortisol levels during the day, which will spill over into our evenings. We stay awake thinking about all the issues we have going on, and then our sleep suffers. When we don’t get enough restorative sleep, our brain and body don’t fully recover, and we start in a deficit the next morning. We are under more stress now, so we turn to comfort foods that create havoc in our gut. This in turn limits the amount of dopamine, serotonin, and GABA we create in our gut. Now we feel sad, overwhelmed, blah. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s like the real-life Ground Hog’s Day movie being played over and over. Do you remember that movie? 

When I began doing a deep dive into all the Amare products, I was legit gasping out loud. I’ve been so passionate about all we’ve been focusing on the last two years, then to find products that ENHANCE the practices we’ve put into place, well I was MAJORLY GEEKING OUT. When I began using the products and FEELING a difference, then SEEING a difference in my data that is recorded each day from my WHOOP BAND, well it was on like Donkey Kong. I had made a ton of progress over the last couple of years, but I still had this tinge of a blah feeling and lack of motivation. Within a week of consuming the products, I felt on top of my game. All the things we were doing WERE helping me, but if my gut biome was screwed up, then signals weren’t firing off as much as they could to my brain from my gut. It’s like this one missing piece to the puzzle I needed to flip the switch and have the lights fully turned on. I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am we found Amare. 

If you have been feeling a little “off” or heck, “majorly” off, I am jumping up and down you are reading this right now. I get a little teary-eyed even saying that, because I believe knowing I’ve found something that can help others in this area, well, it adds a bit of purpose and mission to my life. I write about that in the post Vision: A Happy and Healthy YOU.

So where do you begin? The first thing I want to make crystal clear is do not allow this to overwhelm you. When I am introduced to a spread of products, I feel like I need to buy them all, understand them all, and use them all. The load arrives at my doorstep, and I have no clue where to start, so I freeze, and nothing is ever consumed. That’s not happening with you. Nope. We are going to take baby steps. If you want to dive in headfirst, that’s fantastic, but taking it slow is progress, and progress is movement, and that’s what we are aiming for in our lives. When you try things slowly, this also allows you to see the response you are getting from specific products, and you can add in the others over time. Hey, that may not be the best “sales” pitch, but I want to be in this for the long haul with you. If we must take baby steps, well baby steps it will be. 

Beginning Your Foundation with Happy Juice

 I will be upfront with you, I haven’t tried every single item from Amare, but I can tell you, every single item I’ve tried, I’ve loved. I go over my daily regimen and all I use in the post, My Daily “Amare” Routine, and go into each product in more detail. This post you are reading now is going to mainly focus on the components of Happy Juice and I’ll list out a few of my other favorites. I will also share the best ways to buy in bundles to save money. Woot Woot, saving money is a good thing. Finally, I will show you how to connect as a customer, or if you would like to partner with the company like we did, I can point you in the right direction for that as well. Okay, let’s begin. 

I have several products I believe everyone should try ASAP, and I go back and forth with which I want to recommend you try first. I believe I am landing on the components of a drink called Happy Juice. It’s three powders mixed to form the tastiest drink ever. Edge, Energy, and Mentabiotics. They each focus on different aspects that can make us have a happier day. Edge brings motivation to the table. It also helps with your metabolism. Can I get a thank you Lord for that one? Energy taps into your mental energy and focus, while Mentabiotics works on your mood and brings calmness. I want to bring a few things to your attention with these products. Let me break it down for you below. 

  • Edge comes in two flavors, watermelon, and grape. I LOVE the grape flavor. You will notice this product has mango leaf in it. I am allergic to mango, and my daughter is HIGHLY allergic to mango. When I spoke with Dr. Shawn who developed this product, he explained the protein we are allergic to is only found in the fruit, not the leaf. He advised me to proceed with caution, but I should not have a problem. We both have had zero issues when taking this product. Again, always proceed with caution, but I am incredibly thankful we have had zero issues. 
  • Energy+ comes in two flavors as well. Dragon Fruit and Pomegranate. The Dragon Fruit is sugar-free and caffeine-free. The Pomegranate has 5 grams of cane sugar and 55 mg of caffeine from matcha green tea. I am super sensitive to caffeine, and I have NO jitters or problems with this at all. I like both flavors, but Pomegranate is my go-to. 
  • Mentabiotics is the component that works on the gut. It is recommended to start slowly with this product. Gradually increase to a full scoop over your first month. Start with around 1/4 of a scoop, next week go to around 1/2, and keep increasing. If you are using the stick packets, adjust accordingly as well. I have been using the Kids Fundamentals in place of the Mentabiotics, but when I finish up this round, I will be moving to the Mentabiotics. I have to say, I do love love love the Kids Fundamentals.

Beginning with these three products mixed in one drink is kind of like the mac daddy foundation for happy. Can you use them separately? Yes, but I highly recommend taking the combination of all three. 

How Do You Order?

So how do you order? Glad you asked. You can go two routes. You can become a customer or a brand partner. You won’t see a difference in pricing, but the brand partner route allows you the opportunity to earn commissions through a unique affiliate code. Hello, affiliate marketing is hot right now. You also get a unique code when you are a customer. This route allows you to earn free products and not cash. You need to decide which route you prefer going. I’m here to help you with whichever you choose. Either way, you go, my unique link will give you $10 off your first purchase. You can shop here and you will see your $10 off in your cart, and it will say you are connecting to Monique or Jeremiah McLean.

How Can I Get the Most Bang for My Buck?

  • Buy in Bundles: Purchasing the items mentioned above in bundles will always be the most cost-effective route to go. For instance, there is a Happy Juice bundle, a Kids Sleep bundle, and a family sleep bundle. Remember, if you want other suggestions of items I love, check out the post where I share My Daily Amare Routine
  • Subscribe and Save: I encourage you to click subscribe and save on your first order. This automatically gives you 10% off. Think of it like a subscription box. I can promise once you begin using the products, you are going to want to keep on using them, and this is a great savings. You can always cancel at any time if you wish. Pro tip: check the date for your first subscription order. It might be the same month as your initial order if it’s early in the month. If you want more than your initial bundle, you can customize your bundle for additional savings. You will see the Create bundle in your cart, click that and select the other items you wish to purchase at a discounted rate. If at any time you get confused, email me at monique@lovethemcleans.com and I will help you out. 

What’s Next After You Order? 

Once you have placed your order, you will be set up to receive emails from me to help you along the way. This will help you get your questions answered and keep us connected with any questions you may have as you begin to use your products. I will also make sure you get connected to our Happy Shack Facebook Group if you are into that kind of thing. 

For those becoming a brand partner, I will connect you to a course I created, (The Happy and Healthy Business) on how to thrive in your role as a brand partner. I’ve had a decade-long journey in this type of business, and I can tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are going to focus on the good and find ways to learn and grow from the bad and the ugly. I truly believe you can thrive and be happy as you grow an amazing business. (This course will launch officially on January 1st. I will give you login info before it goes live.)

I will also connect you to an additional course I created that helps you focus on a path to earning enough commissions to pay for your monthly orders, supplementing your current income, or working this as a full-time job. I’m excited for you to jump into all this. (ThIs course will also “fully” go live on January 1st, although I am going to go ahead and give you a few steps now to wet your whistle.)

Finally, a question I know I will get asked is, “Can I start as a customer and switch to a brand partner later?” Yes, you sure can! This is easy peasy. 

Let’s Get This Ball Rolling

Just to sum it all up. To get connected, you will need to go to Amare’s Website, (that link is attached to my unique affiliate code to give you $10 off) and begin as a customer or brand partner. Then choose which items you wish to purchase. I recommend starting with the Happy Juice, but again, you can check out My Daily Amare Routine post and see if anything else catches your eye. 

Remember to purchase on Subscribe and Save and bundle any other items you may wish to try on the same order. You will see it pop up to “create a bundle”. 

Using my link, you will see the $10 off and it will confirm you are connected to either Monique or Jeremiah McLean. SCORE. Finally, if you run into any issues, I am more than willing to help. Just shoot me an email to monique@lovethemcleans.com and I’ll hook you up. I am over the top excited to walk this out with you. We are going to have loads of fun walking down a path to a happy and healthy YOU. 

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