Meet The Family

Well, hey there! Oh. My. Word. I am so excited you are tagging along for our family’s crazy adventures. I’m not sure you know what you are getting yourself into, but man we are glad you are along for the ride. I believe a proper introduction would be a great way to start off our journey together. I can’t wait for you to meet this crazy crew. 

Alright, let’s start with me and my hubby. Hello again. My name is Monique and I’m married to this crazy hot guy, Jeremiah. I call him “Jer”. He is totally cool with you calling him “Jer” or Jeremiah, just not Jeremy. Listen, there is nothing wrong with the name Jeremy, but for some reason he loses all sense of reality when someone calls him Jeremy. It’s a real thing. We need to pray for him. We have been married for two plus decades and I’m confident God created us for each other. Mainly because I’m not sure any other person could put up with either of us. The good news is, I like him a whole lot. I will tell you our whole love story one day, but basically the cliff notes version is I knew he was who I was going to marry, he didn’t realize it for a good while. He says I’m a very good salesman, what can I say? 

We have two daughters, Alyssa and Alayna. Oh my, these girls are AMAZING. Alyssa is our oldest, which of course makes Alayna our youngest. They are less than two years apart, which made it loads of fun through all the different seasons of parenting. No really, I have loved them being that close in age. Jer and I were the only children until we were both 12 years old, crazy similarity, so we have loved them being so close in age. 

Alyssa just recently got married to Hunter. I know, they got married way young, but we were cool with it. We love Hunter so much and are so thankful the Lord brought him into our lives. We didn’t lose a daughter; we really did gain a son. Their personalities are perfect for one another. It’s so funny. Alyssa is a lot like Jeremiah, super organized, everything is either black or white, no gray areas. She’s been a mini adult since she was three years old. Hunter and I are two peas in a pod. We are crazy, spontaneous adventurers. (insert hysterical laughter). Oh how I sit back and laugh as I watch them together. The Lord knew Hunter and I needed organized and responsible spouses to keep us in line. 

Alayna will be married very soon, like two weeks from the time I’m writing this post. She’s marrying Max. They started liking each other when they were 14 years old, oh boy, which is something we said we would never allow. Never say never. He’s pretty much traveled the world with us over the last few years. I’ve known from day one those two would get married. Alayna is getting married at an even younger age than Alyssa. Trust me, I will do a whole series of posts on how we walked through all these seasons of dating and them wanting to marry young. Alayna is super creative, emotional and sensitive (in a good way), and loves big hugs. Max has a good mix of being organized but yet still likes a good adventure. Honestly, when I think about it, our whole family loves a good adventure, it just stresses Jer and Alyssa a bit if they don’t have all the details planned out. Hahaha. Oh my. 

Well, there ya go. That’s a little snippet of our family. We are so crazy excited to spend time together and go on adventures together. It’s going to be loads of fun!


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