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Don’t Be A Clutter Bug: Time To Declutter Your Car

How’s the decluttering coming along? I haven’t shared a post in the last couple of weeks because we’ve had a lot of life happening. Our youngest daughter got married, we took our oldest daughter and her hubby on a quick trip, and we hit up Disney with some friends. Even with all the craziness, I still found small ways to keep the process of decluttering moving in a forward direction.

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Beginning: The First Step Of Our Journey

Beginning begins when you begin. Hold up, that’s pretty epic, right? Starting starts when you start. These are some profound thoughts, I know. If you haven’t been informed, you and I are on a journey. If you are unaware of this journey, quickly head over and read Creating Space To Breathe and you will understand the steps we are taking together as we BEGIN our adventure. I thought it might be appropriate to see how Mr. Webster defines the word

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