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Tracking Sleep With The WHOOP Band

Got a question for you. Be honest. Have you ever had something you really, really REALLY wanted to be intentional with in life?

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Have you ever bought something, and been instantly obsessed? You wonder how in the world you functioned in life without it. This is so much better than when you buy something and have immediate buyer’s remorse, or worse, you use it and realize it was a massive waste of money.

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On a scale of zero to ten, how would you rate your sleep? Zero being, ummmm, what is sleep? I don’t get much of that around here. Ten being, oh my word, it’s glorious.

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Is the love for cooking embedded deep within your DNA? Are you the type of person who watches cooking shows for fun? Does a trip to the grocery store feel relaxing and more like a leisurely stroll through the park? If you said yes to any of those questions, you are REALLY going to like […]

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What is it about notebooks, pens, and basically anything deemed “school supplies” that’s so appealing? Am I the only person who has a slight obsession with these items?

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Have you ever stopped for a second and thought about some of the sayings we use regarding our hearts and mind? You broke my heart. That is weighing heavy on my heart. I love you with all my heart.

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What are your first thoughts when I say the word, (insert dramatic pause), EMAIL? I may be revealing your age here, but do you think of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan writing back and forth to each other in You’ve Got Mail? Gosh, that was a good movie. Right? I mean, you could be thinking, […]

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Ahhhh, hello there. My goodness, you have no clue how excited I am we are connecting and having a conversation right now. If you are reading this, it must mean we finally launched our new website, Love, The McLeans. It’s been a while in the making, and when I say “while”, I mean there’s a […]

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Get On the List

What's the list? Ummmm, a place where the way fun insider things go down. Each week we go all old school, write out a letter and send it to YOU. (If you are on the list). So, get on the list.

After re-reading the above, it sounds a little bossy. Gosh, I'm that bossy friend. Please don't kick me to the curb. :) 


Posts, stories, and reels, oh my. Let's be honest, this is where the daily fun goes down. Hop on over. I can't wait to see you there!