Beginning: The First Step Of Our Journey

Beginning begins when you begin. Hold up, that’s pretty epic, right? Starting starts when you start. These are some profound thoughts, I know. If you haven’t been informed, you and I are on a journey. If you are unaware of this journey, quickly head over and read Creating Space To Breathe and you will understand the steps we are taking together as we BEGIN our adventure. I thought it might be appropriate to see how Mr. Webster defines the word “begin”. I mean, I totally get that it’s a word we all know and understand. However, many times we need a good reminder of how we are making something way too difficult that is a pretty simple process. Let’s read the definition, shall we? 


to do the first part of an action

go into the first part of a process

to have a starting point

Sounds like all we have to do is “start”, make a step, take action. Why is this so difficult? I’m not sure about you, but for me, I can come up with a lot of reasons to delay the process of beginning, also known as procrastinating. I have that word mastered. What about you? What are some reasons or things that keep you from beginning? These really apply to anything in life we want to begin, but today we are going to focus on the topic of decluttering. I’ll give you some time to think about your answers……………….ok, I hope that was enough time. I will share a few of my justifications for procrastinating the process of decluttering below. 

1.     It seems so overwhelming and out of control.

2.     I have no clue where to begin. 

3.     It feels hopeless. A task way too big for me to tackle. 

4.     I don’t have time to devote to this project. 

5.     Letting go of things is hard for me. 

When I began my own personal adventure with decluttering, I knew it was going to be a process. I actually gave myself a year. I was committed to doing just a little something each and every day. I wasn’t going to exhaust myself and declutter my world in a week, or a month, but I was going to give myself enough time and space to create more time and space. I started small. Once I started, it became exhilarating. I’m not kidding. I could physically feel the load getting lighter. I’m two years into this journey, removed tons of clutter, but I still have work to do. Did you hear that? Two years and I still have things I can accomplish. Will you agree right now to give yourself grace and throw perfect out the window? See, we will start by decluttering “perfect”. That was easy, right? Somewhere in the middle of that year of decluttering, I realized this was going to become a lifestyle for me. It wasn’t a project with a projected end date, but a discipline I would carry with me for the rest of my life. 

Ok, so here’s the deal, while this is going to become a lifestyle and we are going to give ourselves time and grace to walk this journey, we do need to be realistic and set some intentional tasks with deadlines. You cool with that? Here’s how this is going to go down. Each Monday I am going to create a new post giving a specific task on our decluttering adventure. You will have a full week to work on that one task. If you want to stay connected throughout the week, make sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram. We will be able to share our personal thoughts and most importantly, accomplishments we are making throughout the week. Now listen, you can personalize this journey. You can declutter more than the task shared, or you can work at a slower pace. The goal is to BEGIN, just do something. 

Our goal for this week is to declutter cabinets and drawers. You can declutter all the cabinets and drawers in your house, or you can declutter one. If you declutter one cabinet and one drawer a week for the rest of this year, you will have the most spectacular cabinets and drawers on your block by the time you are finished. See how this is a journey? We aren’t on a race or in a competition with those around us, we just want to be one step ahead of where we were the day before, the week before, the month before. Progress. We are aiming for progress. 

Before we end, I want to make a suggestion. If you feel like you don’t have the “time” to declutter, maybe start with decluttering some things that will free up the time to declutter. For real. When I began my journey, the very first month of the process, I deleted all social media apps from my phone. I went one month with no social media and it was unbelievable the things I got accomplished. When the month was over, it was actually hard for me to get back on social media. It was freeing. I’m not saying you have to ditch this out of your life forever, but to get the ball rolling and for you to begin seeing progress, it could be beneficial. For me, I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired of the clutter, I was willing to do whatever it took to find freedom.

Alright, I think it’s time we part ways and get to work. I will check back midweek to see how you are doing and give you some encouragement. There is so many things I want share about the decluttering process; so many. We will be traveling together for a good while, so there’s plenty of time ahead to chat. Oh, be sure to take before and after pictures. Document the whole process for me, okay? If you love Facebook, you can share your progress here, and if Instagram is your jam, be sure to tag me (@moniquemclean) in your posts so I can cheer you along and highlight your progress. High five for beginning. You’ve got this!

25 comments On Beginning: The First Step Of Our Journey

  • Love it. 💘

    • So glad you are on this journey!!!

    • This is so great! Going through COVID the past year and being stuck at home has brought decluttering to a lot of people’s attention. I started two years ago when my mother passed away. I have a lot more to do…and it’s definitely a “journey!!” Looking forward to following you through it 🙂

      • Yes, I do think there were a few good things that came from our time being at home during Covid. So thankful we are on this adventure together and you are right, such a process and journey. Can’t wait to see what all we get accomplished!!!

  • I think I can do a drawer or cabinet. So much of culling through my things involves memories of parents. Also, where do I take my items?So many second hand and charitable organizations are not taking donations yet due to Covid.

    • Pam, you have GOT THIS. I believe in you and cheering you on. I totally get about the memories, and you know what, you can hold on to some of those if you feel like you need to. I can’t wait to share about the moment I released some memories tied to my grandmother and how good the Lord was to help me with that process…i may just have to share it the next post. You’ve got this. You can do it. As far as where to take it, we have several places that do take things around here, you can also Facebook Market Place it or yard sale it. We have a couple who cleans our house, and each time they would come over, I would offer it to them, and most times they took it.

    • Look on to see if there’s one near you. You list items as either OFFER or WANTED if you’re looking for something & if someone out there needs it, they pick up! Curbside, front porch, whatever. Keeps things that are perfectly useable out of the landfill & helps people who possibly can’t afford something obtain it with little or no need for repairs.

  • Love it! I have been on this journey for the past year and a half. I started because cleaning out my in-laws’ 80+ years of stuff was thrust on me and I couldn’t stand the thought of my kids having to deal with my stuff like this. It is a ride but so far, VERY worth it!

    • Yes. Yes. Yes. I have to say, this was a huge part of my why as well. After watching my family have to go through one of my family member’s items…WOW, I’m allll ummmmm, nope, going to take care of that right now. Glad you are on this journey.

  • my experience as well, although I did a “forced start” by doing a home remodel – when you have t pack EVERYTHING in a 4000 square foot house so you can scrape popcorn ceilings and replace flooring, you throw out A LOT so you don’t have to pack it and move it around! now, i’m looking to reduce more….let’s do this!

  • Wonderful. 🙂

  • Yay!! this is gonna be awesome!!! 😉

  • I am having an appraisal done on our house this week, so went through every drawer and cabinet this weekend and cleaned out. I feel like an overachiever now. 🙂

  • So excited for this!! Think my kitchen will be getting another overhaul this week.

  • I love how you say start small as it can be overwhelming, but if we do small everyday it will be easier.

    • Yes 🙂 No need to exhaust ourselves to the point we quit. Just do a little bit daily and we will be amazed. So excited you are on this journey!

  • I started decluttering after it taking months to clean out my MIL’s home. She was for real a hoarder like you sometimes see on the tv show. Maybe not as bad but bad enough that we had to totally gut the house. It’s a work in process because no one else in my family will work at keeping the clutter gone but I try.

  • Hi friend! And yes I remember the beginning of your journey 🙂 You are so humble and transparent and that surely makes it easy to learn from you. When we started the great purge in our home 6 years ago, we found it easiest to rid our lives of the most annoying or hot spot categories first. For example I can’t stand noise clutter so we ditched all toys with batteries. Best. Thing. Ever. Next we did the duplicates. Anything we had two or more of the same exact item, we hid it away or donated it. I think the word minimalism or minimalist sounds a bit scary at first. We choose to just say simple…I picture Little House on the prairie days. And as for our house, we want to glorify Jesus, who was the greatest “minimalist” to have ever lived. All we really need is a song in our hearts, food in our bellies, and love in our family. I can attest alongside you that less really is more. As a growing family of 6, we are thriving without excess junk. Blessings to you all and thanks for also sharing outside of social!

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