The Great Shoe Purge

Hey friend! So, talk to me, how’s this decluttering process going? How many cabinets and drawers did you get cleaned out? If you are out of the loop and have no clue what I’m talking about, go check out Creating Space to Breathe and Beginning: The First Step of the Journey. We are on a mission to declutter our surroundings and each week we are focusing on a particular task. This week is going to be super strategic and simple. If you are an overachiever and you have extra time on your hands after completing today’s adventure, finish any cabinets and drawers you have remaining, or move on to whatever area you want to tackle next. 

Alright, you ready for our next step of the journey? Shoes. Yep, shoes. We are going to go through our shoes, our family’s shoes, and any other shoes that have found their way into our house. We are going to find shoes hiding in random closets, under random beds, in the car, outside on the porch. You name it. If a shoe can find a place to hide, we are going to find it and figure out if we keep it, ditch it, give it away, or find someone to purchase it. You are giddy with excitement, right? I knew you were going to be. Ok, let’s dive in and get started. 

I want to be upfront and honest with you about something. I’m not a shoe person. Like AT ALL. I mean, I like to wear shoes, but I don’t have five million shoes. Hey, no judging if you have a slight obsession with shoes, it’s just not my jam. I think for me it all stems from the black shiny shoes I would have to wear to church every Sunday when I was little. I’m sure there were other shoes, but those black shiny shoes stand out to me. They were so uncomfortable and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why anyone would wear something that hurt their feet so badly. Oh my. While my closet may not be packed with shoes, I do find other things to fill it with, don’t you worry. What’s going to be interesting on this journey is seeing how we are all different in what items we like to “collect” or hold on to. You know, how it’s harder to let go of some things more than others. It’s okay to keep things in your life, as long as it’s something you love, you have the space, and the need for in your life. 

Here are a few things I discovered when walking through the process of purging shoes from our home a couple of years ago. First, while I’m not a shoe person, I did have a lot of shoes. Mainly because I never parted with anything in life. I had shoes that didn’t even resemble shoes any longer, I had one shoe and no clue where the partner was, even shoes I had never worn before. When it was all said and done, I had several large plastic storage tubs full of shoes to remove from our home. You want to know something funny? I went in my closet last night to assess my shoes situation, because remember, I told you decluttering is a constant process and lifestyle we need to embrace. Anyway, I had five pair of shoes that I STILL to this day have never worn that I kept from the initial purge. What? Want to know something even funnier than that? I sat and justified why I should keep them and still not discard them.  You know, because they were cute, and one day, I may, just may, embrace cute shoes that kill my feet. Yep, the shoes are super cute, they just aren’t comfortable. What’s one to do? Well in this case, I probably need to release them from my life and let them go on to someone who will actually wear them. Geez. 

Okay, so let’s dive in and get after it, shall we? I’ll go to my closet; you go to your closet and let’s get this done. Pro tip: If the shoe doesn’t resemble a shoe any longer, throw it away. Really. Do it and thank me later. If you haven’t worn the shoe in forever, you probably never will, sorry to be a joy kill. If the shoe doesn’t fit, your foot will more than likely never get smaller or larger, you need to move it out. Once you have sorted through your shoes, take your family on the adventure. I highly suggest including them in on the process. I think it may get a bit awkward if you go purge shoes without their input. They may appreciate being included. 

One last thing before we hit the closet. You may never know how releasing items from your life may bless others. When my girls were younger and money was extremely tight, a family friend went through their closet and purged out items they no longer wore or needed. They asked if we wanted them. Wow, it was such a huge blessing to receive these items. I have found great joy through the decluttering process to see items I no longer need bring someone else happiness. Also, don’t forget you can make a little extra money by having a yard sale, listing items of FB Market Place, or taking to a secondhand store. When I went through the great purge two years ago, when it was all said and done, I made over $1000 from taking clothes and accessories to a couple different stores in town. I actually was blown away that we made that much money. No matter how you go about passing on these items to others, you will be able to step back, look at your progress and take in a big deep breath. Yep, slowly but surely you are creating more space to breathe. I am so so crazy proud of you! 

Now listen, I want to hear how your progress is going, so talk to me. I love reading your comments and cheering you along. I need to know all the things. What’s been hard for you, what’s been easier than you thought? How many pair of shoes did you purge? Are you a shoe person? Really anything you want to chat about, I want to know it. So don’t be shy, okay? 

Alright, that’s all for this step of the adventure. Check back in each week for a new task. We are going to keep on keep on. I’m just glad we are on this journey together. 

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  • Too funny we just went back through our shoes in preparation for our upcoming move. I took everyone’s shoes (except the baby of course) and threw them in the bathtub. I mean literally it was like shoe stew up in there, so yuck. But instead of completely sorting them, I just watched and waited. To my delight, my kids actually dug through the pile of footwear to find their favorites each time they needed a pair. So then I knew exactly what to keep and what to donate. It was awesome! And amen to the uncomfortable shoes… if they aren’t work boots or flip flop or birkenstocks,NO thanks,, because ain’t nobody’s got time for that blister mess.

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