Don’t Be A Clutter Bug: Time To Declutter Your Car

How’s the decluttering coming along? I haven’t shared a post in the last couple of weeks because we’ve had a lot of life happening. Our youngest daughter got married, we took our oldest daughter and her hubby on a quick trip, and we hit up Disney with some friends. Even with all the craziness, I still found small ways to keep the process of decluttering moving in a forward direction. Remember, we are wanting to make this a lifestyle, not an activity we do once every four or five years. With that being said, let’s talk about some small ways you can purge items when life seems to be pretty busy and chaotic. You ready? Let’s dive in. 

Your car. Yep, that’s where we are going to start today. I don’t know about you, but we are in our car a LOT. I’m happy to say, it’s been one area I’ve really done a good job over the last couple of years keeping tidy. That hasn’t always been the case, trust me! Oh the things we have found in our car through the years, especially when the girls were much younger. There is no telling how long a hamburger stayed under the seat of our car one year. True story. Disgusting, I know. Your car is just like any other area you decide to deep clean and purge. Once you have made it all squeaky clean, it’s so much easier to stay tidy with small, intentional, and consistent pick-ups. While I realize all of this may seem super simple and a no-brainer, I’m going to share it with you anyway. Let’s be honest, many times we know the things we should do, it’s simply making it a priority to act on it. 

So how have we been keeping our car tidy? Simple. We throw things out VERY often. It’s almost like I have made a game out of it. Yes, I’m 44 years old and I still have to trick my brain to do things by making it seem fun or challenging. For instance, when we stop to get gas, I literally see how much I can get thrown out of the car. Jer steps out of the car to pump the gas and I climb all around the car and reach under the seats to find any and all trash. I pile it all in Jer’s seat for him to throw out once he finishes pumping the gas. If I’m alone pumping gas, which isn’t often because I like don’t like to drive and would rather have Jer drive me everywhere, I play the same game. I keep my fingers crossed the little lever works where I can leave it pumping while I go search the car for trash. You have to do something while that gas is pumping, might as well go on a cleaning spree. 

Now that we have removed the trash from your car, let’s keep the clutter out too. Yep. When you arrive home, before getting out of the car, look around for anything and everything that needs to be brought into the house. A random jacket, you bet, snatch it up. A magazine or book, bring it in. Do you have coins hanging out in your cupholder? Help them find their way to your wallet. How many pens do you really need in your car? Keep a couple of your favorite in the glovebox and bring the rest inside. Oh, did we just mention the glovebox? We did my friend, we did. Fight the urge to have your glovebox be the hiding place for all your clutter. I kid you not, I have had a spoon in my glovebox for the last few months. I have no clue how it got in there or why I left it in there, but it was time for that sucker to go. Dare I ask what is the most random thing you have found in your car or have hiding in your glovebox? If you are brave, feel free to tell us in the comments. My goodness, this could get very interesting. 

Finally, run your car through a car wash or get it professionally cleaned consistently. In our hometown, we have subscription type carwashes. You pay x amount of money and you can run your car through the carwash as many times as you want each month. Once you are finished washing your car, you can pull off to an area where you vacuum out your car. Do it. Don’t skip this step. It feels so good to have it spotless. If you have a little handheld vac at your house, break that bad boy out and clean out your car from time to time. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but every little bit helps. We have a few guys that come out every Friday to the neighborhood across the street from our house and they do a bit more of a deep cleaning of your car. We love it when they are out and also love supporting the genius entrepreneur skills they bring to the world. 

Again, while I realize all this may seems super simple, like, ummmm, seriously, you are writing a blog post on how to clean out your car? My hopes are it inspires you to be intentional and keeps you on the adventure of decluttering. Even if you aren’t tackling your garage and all the areas that seem so majorly overwhelming, you are decluttering and you are being consistent and you totally rock. You do. Alright, so go grab you a garbage bag and head on out to your car and give me a little update in the comments on what all you get accomplished, and if you dare, what all you find! Inquiring minds want to know! 

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  • I guess I’m weird. My car has never been “junky” on the inside. I keep a plastic bad attached to the glove compartment and any trash we might have goes automatically in thee. I try to keep it vacuumed inside at least once a month maybe more now that the nice weather is here.

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