The Adventure of Walking the English Countryside: How It Began

Why hello there. If we have been friends over on the “gram”, Instagram that is, you may have seen that my hot hubby, Jer and I just walked hundreds of miles through London and the English Countryside. If we are just now being introduced to one another. Hello. My name is Monique and like I said above, Jer (also know as Jeremiah) and I just took a wild adventure and I was blown away at the response it got from my friends on social media. I’m not sure if it was the trip itself, or the fact that Jer and I aren’t the typical “throw on a backpack and venture out into the wild” type of people. Whatever it was that intrigued people, I’m glad it did. This trip ignited something inside of me. I walked into the English Countryside one way, and I walked out another. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing many of the life lessons I learned, but until then, let’s get some of the most asked questions answered that have been coming our way regarding this trip. You ready?

The first question. What made you decide to walk the English Countryside? It started like any normal day. Get up, get ready, go about my day, and finally, read a new book. I will go ahead and fess up; it had been a rough year. Let’s save all that drama for another discussion, however that played into the book I was currently diving into. Rest, that was the title of the book. I had zero clue a little paperback book was about to set me, (ummmm, me and Jer), off on the most amazing adventure. Be careful what books you read y’all. You have no clue what it’s going to inspire you to do.

I know what you are thinking. Rest, how does a book on rest bring one to walk hundreds of miles through the English Countryside? Shouldn’t Jer and I take off on an adventure of napping on a lounge chair in the middle of a tropical paradise somewhere? Now THAT sounds like rest. Oh, we were slap dab in the middle of that attempt. We were in Cabo, Mexico and gaining zero ground in the rest department. I sat in a lounge chair reading, and thinking, and mentally feeling exhausted. The quietness only amplified the voices in my head that were shouting so insanely loud. I came back from that trip wondering if the time away did more harm than good. My body may have had a break, but my mind still felt pretty beat up and depleted.

One evening, while walking on the beach in Cabo as the sun was setting, I shared with Jer bits and pieces from this book Rest. One topic that fascinated me, was finding rest through walking. What I was more interested in, was the fact that walking helped boost creativity. If you like data and facts, oh boy, this book is for you. The author makes sure you have plenty of stories to back the points being made. Extremely long story short, and not to spoil the book for those who want to read it, there were so many examples of highly creative individuals who walked daily. Walking seemed to clear their minds and bring clarity. I was intrigued.

I came home from this trip even more desperate than when I left. Lord, come on, help a sister out here. I am a highly creative individual, I am a visionary, I am a dreamer, and I legit have no clue what my deal is right now. I mean, am I going through mid-life crisis? Is this perimenopause? I just felt stuck in a rut. To give myself a little sliver of grace, both my girls had just got married and both birthed babies. (Which hello, best thing ever.) Jer and I were empty nesters and grandparents in the blink of an eye. We sold our house we loved and moved out to our land. Jer got crazy sick and was in the hospital for eight days with Covid and I couldn’t be with him. The icing on the cake, I made a massive career move and let’s just say, it unleashed hell’s inferno for a hot second. (No pun intended.) So, in my defense, I had a few major life changes to throw me off my game a bit.  

I’m not one to wallow in self-pity, which I felt I had for a year, so it was time to do something about it. If sitting my bootie on a lounge chair wasn’t going to work, it was time to give the walking a try. Because I have zero clue how to do something small or halfway in life, I began researching long track walking adventures. The year I had, I needed to walk the length of a country, not down to our mailbox and back. 

I’m not sure the fateful day, but while searching the internet, I found a walk called the Cotswold Way Walk, and I was sold. We were doing it. No questions asked. Usually, I have to drag Jer along on my crazy hair-brained ideas, but something weird happened, he was excited about this adventure. What in the world was happening? Ok then. We ready, fire, aimed it. This translates into, we had zero clue what we were doing. We had no training, no gear, (did you need gear), but we bought flights and would figure it out along the way. 

This is how the adventure of walking the English Countryside began. 

A pretty intense year. 

Couldn’t get my act together. 

Read a book. 

Went on a trip. 

Found zero rest. 

Wild idea of giving walking a try.

Tap around on the internet for a second. 

BAM, found ourselves in the middle of meadows, forests, and fields of sheep. 

Pretty epic, right? Oh, and the most important thing, REST. PEACE. CLARITY. HEALING. JOY. PASSION RESTORED. That’s how this amazing journey came about. I can’t wait to share more with you. How we planned it. What was so life changing. What gear you need. What we saw along the way. What future trips we have planned. There is so much to discuss. You better buckle up, or should I say lace up, (see what I did there, get it, shoelaces), we have a ton of adventuring to do together. I hope you are excited and most of all, I hope this inspires you to get out there at take your own personal adventure. 

Ok, next post coming at you very soon. Be watching. It’s time to answer our most asked question. How did you plan and book this trip? We will share all the details, just you wait. Before we part ways, I would love to know, is walking the English Countryside something you would be interested in doing? If so, what seems so intriguing about it? If not, no judging here, but what keeps you from taking this type of adventure? I enjoy being a little nosy, so thanks for sharing. Alright, that’s all for now. It’s been so fun chatting with you. Keeping fingers crossed we become the very best of friends over here.

Love, Monique

24 comments On The Adventure of Walking the English Countryside: How It Began

  • I think we should be friends. Just reading your post about this took my mind and heart to a deep place. 🤍

    • Ahhhhh. Done. Best friends forever. 🙂 Glad this inspired you or touched you in a deeper way. This place was truly healing to the soul.

  • I love the idea of this adventure and can’t wait to read more. I am a long time fan of your Monique. I love to walk and think it would be more amazing to really see a place on foot rather than a drive by. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!

    • Hey Kim. Glad we have been friends for a while. 🙂 YES YES YES about seeing it on foot. I will share more on this later, but the day we got on the train and everything was speeding by so quickly, man, I realized how amazing it was to walk slowly through the countryside. So many life lessons came from this adventure. Can’t wait to share more about all that!!!!

  • A woman that was like a mom to me suddenly died 5 years ago this week. I needed something I could sit and watch (I’m not much of a t.v. watcher) that was beautiful and didn’t require any brain power. I found a show that consisted of an older lady named Penelope who took you on tours of all the tiny towns in the Cotswolds. I loved it, and would LOVE to walk those streets my soul found such peace in. I’m putting this trip on the bucket list.

    • Oh my. I’m so sorry for this loss you are walking through right now. So very sorry. Even thought it was five years ago, I know it comes in waves. I’m glad you found that video to watch. It is such a peaceful place, very healing to the soul. Glad this is now on your bucket list.

  • This sounds like such an amazing adventure! I loved following along with you on instagram. I would absolutely go on this kind of adventure! The expense of it would be a roadblock for me. My mom and aunt did a similar trip several years ago in the Italian countryside and had a marvelous time!

    • YAY. Glad you followed along. There are so many ways you can cut the cost down, even down to camping. Oh, and the Italian countryside…oh my, I can only imagine how amazing that was!!!

  • This sounds like such an amazing trip and I look forward to hearing all about it! My husband and I did a walking tour through Tuscany a few years ago and talk about it all the time… we might need to try this one next! It’s so different how you can walk through the countryside and peoples’ properties over there! It’s so gorgeous and inviting.

    • Oh yes, you need to have it on your list. And we are soooo interested in walking through Tuscany. I can only imagine how beautiful that was!!!!!!

  • I loved it! My fiancé lives in England. He and his brother walk Hadrians Wall every other year in memory of their dad to raise awareness for Alzheimers.

    He flew to New York 20 years ago and rode his bike from New York City to Los Angeles. It took him 6 weeks @100 miles a day. Before that he had ridden from Carlisle, England down to South Hampton. He really enjoyed it.

    • Oh WOW. I love he did this. Amazing. I also need to go check out this Hadrians Wall Walk!!!!!!! It’s all so so beautiful over there.

  • Hi Monique! We’ve been friends for years but you just didn’t know it 😉 I worked through 21 days of prayer for your business with you several years ago, followed you on social media as your girls got married and become sweet mama’s themselves and admired your integrity as you had a major company change. Plus you inspired me to grow my hair to its natural beauty! This trip resonated with me so much. My husband and I live to hike and travel. We most often combine the two. But I didn’t even realize walking through the countryside overseas was even an option. Thank you so much for sharing this trip. I can’t wait to hear about all of the details. We are most definitely planning a trip to walk through the European countryside 💗

    • Well first, YAY that we have been friends. I’m so happy you walked through 21 days. The best foundation you can ever build for your business. High five for embracing that natural beauty. It’s a journey, right? Haha. Also, thanks for your kind words about the job change. So glad this trip inspired you. I can’t wait for you to go walk the English Countryside. It’s going to be life changing. Just you wait. So excited to stay connected.

  • Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to keep hearing all the details. Walking became a part of our life a few years ago and it was revolutionary for our marriage. I didn’t know these long distance walks existed. Now, I am all in on researching and planning. We recently moved from the states to Germany and we love the walking culture here. Being out in God’s creation and walking dares us to talk and dream and plan. It gives us perspective and is incredibly healing. I am glad your story is inspiring so many others to walk, explore, and live!

    • Hey there! I love that walking became revolutionary for your marriage. That is SO AMAZING. How cool that you are now over in Germany. So many walking paths over in Europe that are amazing. You need to check out walks in the Lake District as well. BEAUTIFUL. Love that you have a passion for walking and exploring God’s creation. It’s so healing to the soul. It brings life. Excited to stay connected!!!

  • I followed your journey on Instagram and every post drew me in MORE AND MORE! ♥ So intrigued and inspired to adventure the world and experience the world God has created for us to enjoy!

    Would I ever do a walk?…Heck yeah!
    Would I be terrified out of my ever-loving mind?…Heck Yeah! …Lol.

    I suppose my greatest fear would be that ….I’m not a walker, I’m not a runner…I have never done anything like this, so that kinda scares me a smidgen!

    Thanks for always jumping off cliffs and living to tell us all about it! 🙂 You are inspiring..Your Life, Your Faith, and Your Family. ♥

    Thanks for letting all of us in. 🙂

    • Hey there! Well ummmm, you’ve got this. I believe in you. If I can do it, you can too. Thanks for this message, it made me smile. Now, go put this on your calendar and let me know the second you head over there to walk!!!!!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed walking along with you! Would my husband and I do this? Never thought about it until now. We do love to cruise and we LOVE to go to Alaska, taking in the scenery (Oh those mountains!), light hiking and of course, clean air and gold panning for hubby. I’m looking forward to continuing the adventure with you!

    • I’m so glad you took the adventure with us. I’m so glad you and your hubby are thinking of doing this. You will LOVE IT. and…..I’m glad you are sticking around for the other adventures!!!!!!!! Oh, and Alaska…BEAUTIFUL.

  • Absolutely 100% would do a walking vacation… ESPECIALLY in a quest for rest. I struggle finding true rest and have been ‘learning’ what it looks like and accepting that it is not only ok but it os necessary. My sister would be my companion of choice. We visited family in England, back in middle school, and have always dreamed of returning. THIS would be the best way!

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Oh, yes, you have to do this with your sister. That part of the adventure is one of the best parts. Walking this with someone else. I hear you with “rest”. This is hands down the biggest thing I brought back home with me. True rest.

  • What stops me … guilt of leaving my adult children 🤦🏼‍♀️ I don’t know why It feels self indulgent not to offer to take everyone. Husband and I are empty nesters. We need to do something for US. He’s just retired, 25 yrs USMC, we’ve spent most our marriage apart. We JUST celebrated our first solid 365 days together in 20 years of marriage. We’re best friends, love to travel and abroad would be amazing. But … we aren’t “v+🪓d”, don’t want to be haslted over that.
    I’ve followed you for YEARS.

    • Hey. I love how honest you are with your comment. I totally get it. We had the trip booked and I told our kids, ok, ok, you guys can come on the trip. Jer was alllllll, ummmmm, no. This is just us. I broke the news to the kids (we will do a trip with them soon), but this was just me and Jer. That was one of my favorite things, being alone with Jer. Hey, I LOVE my kids and I love to travel with them, but it is TOTALLY okay to do things without them. (Preaching to the choir here). You know what? It’s good for them. I just watched Alyssa and Hunter go on a trip with Liam, just them. The pictures they sent and the videos they sent, man, it warmed my heart to see THEM out there making memories. Family memories. It’s so healthy to adventure with your spouse, just you two. So I’m over here cheering you along, while totally understanding what you are feeling. I’m sure your kids will love seeing their parents out exploring, and what a great thing for them to watch and embrace one day too. Oh, and Jer and I had zero issues going places and not having the V.

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