Be In The Know

Are you in the know? Let me be more specific. Do you know the volume many of your top leaders are producing in your organization? It’s important to keep an eye on that volume and see the trends your team is experiencing. This spiral bound planner helps you stay organized with those numbers. You are able to track up to 50 of your key leaders and watch how their numbers compare month to month. The first page is devoted to recording key information about each of your team members. The second page is devoted to recording their volume through out different days of the month and their end rank. You also have a place to record special notes about what that member may have done differently that month.

Let’s Talk Comp

Does the thought of teaching the compensation plan for Young Living stress you out? I’ve got great news. We have some books made just for you. Yep. Snatch up a pack of these books, drop them in the mail to your team members and you are now officially the best teacher ever. We have some videos that you can watch that go right along with this booklet to help make it crystal clear. Understanding the compensation plan is vital for a successful business. Make sure you are moving in the right direction. Cool? Cool.

21 Days Of Prayer For Your Business

I will always be extremely vocal of the importance my faith has played in my journey with Young Living. In January of 2013, I decided to devote 21 days of prayer to this new possible business venture. It was the best decision I could have ever made. I believe without a shadow of a doubt, those 21 days built a strong foundation for what was just around the corner. In January of 2016, I walked a few of my friends through 21 days of prayer focus for their business on social media. In 2017 we decided to compile those 21 days into a book format. This book covers 21 topics that I pray will rock your world. It’s a book/workbook style, meaning, I get all up in your business and ask you tons of questions and then ask you to write out some thoughts. Don’t be scared. You will love it, I promise. It may be a bit painful, digging deep into some areas of your life, but it will be worth it. I just know it.

21 Days Of Prayer Scripture Flip Book

I’m not sure I understand how I can have so much love for a 3×5 spiral index flip booklet, but I do. Many years ago, I would keep an index booklet just like this with verses inside to memorize. It went everywhere with me. When writing the book 21 Days of Prayer For Your Business, I just knew we had to design something to house all the scriptures that we covered each day. It is so important to hide the Word of God in our hearts. I pray this is a tool to help you make that happen.

Let’s Talk Oils Volume 1 and 2

When I first began my journey with Young Living, I researched information 24/7. I bought a little notebook and wrote out as much as I could find on all the products. The first thing I discovered when working the business end of Young Living, was many people bought the kit and never dove in and really researched. (The nerve.) We decided to create some fun notebooks to give to new members to prompt them in doing a bit of research on their own. You know, (hint hint), go study about all the awesomeness of these products. These booklets each contain different products for your members to dive into studying. They are simply products listed out with lines for them to write out their information. Oh, and we tried to make it extra cute. We are keeping our fingers crossed this gets your team researching, using, and falling in love with all of our products.

Mini Carrier Sticks

Well, this could possibly be the cutest and best invention EVER. Have you tried one before? OH MY WORD, your life will be changed the second you do. Many of our essential oils need to be applied with “carrier” oil.  Back in the day, I would carry around a little dropper bottle of carrier oil in my purse. Let’s just keep it real, that didn’t always turn out well. It could get messy fast if you ever forgot to screw that top on tight. No? Just me? Then came the day I discovered the MINI CARRIER STICK, and all the angels began to sing. You just whip out that little carrier stick. Pull off the top. Rub it on your skin. Apply your essential oil, and there you have it. An essential oil mixed with carrier oil. GENIUS. These are great for you, however they are also great to give to new members to help them get started with ease. Because ain’t nobody got time for cleaning up leaky carrier oil.