Oh my word. Are you ready for OH MY OILS? Let me start by introducing myself. Hello there! My name is Monique McLean. A bottle of lavender entered my world in October of 2012 and then turned it upside down. Be warned, it may do the same for you. Hey, did you just roll your eyes? Okay, okay, I get it. I thought essentials oils were totally hokey back in the day, so I’ll let it slide this one time. So what is this website all about? I’m glad you asked. This website is devoted to my Young Living family and I pray it’s a resource that helps turn your world upside down as well. Let me explain.

I ventured into the business side of essential oils in January of 2013 after saying I would never do such a thing. I fell in love with not only essential oils, but also the business of network marketing. Fourteen months after starting the business, I hit the rank of Royal Crown Diamond in Young Living. There is nothing I love more that to encourage others along on this same journey. My passion is to help others see their unique design and how they can connect it to their business. We will talk about our love for essential oils here at OH MY OILS, but we will also be talking a ton about the business side of Young Living.

Do you have dreams of pursuing a career in Young Living? I can’t even begin to tell you how deeply I pray this website helps you on your path to success. I believe in you. We are going to DISCOVER things about ourselves and how to grow. We are then going to CONNECT those discoveries to our business and our everyday life. You better believe when those two things happen, we are going to SHINE. Now hurry, start exploring the website. We are going to have loads of fun!