Why hello there. Are you ready to talk about baby steps? Great. I am too. Now, here’s the deal. First, you have to pinky promise me you won’t judge me. I am about to be really open and honest with you. Are we cool with that? Good. I need you to know you have found a VERY safe place when it comes to walking out this journey of embracing a more “natural” way of life. Why is that? Well, simple. Because I am a MAJOR work in progress. While I have come a long way, I still have a crazy long way to go. I am probably one of the least qualified to be talking about this subject on so many levels. However, I know that if “I” can take baby steps, YOU can take them too.

I have been what I would consider a VERY picky eater for as long as I remember. If it was healthy, I probably didn’t eat it. I was a burger and fries, chicken fingers and pizza type of gal. I never drank water to just drink water. Sweet tea and sodas were my go to at all times. I didn’t consume a salad until I was in my thirties. My first trip to Whole Foods, oh man, I thought I was going to have a complete meltdown. I rolled my eyes at all those who were clean eaters. I was nurse in my former life (2005 -2012). While all nurses aren’t “anti”-natural, I sure thought everyone who refused meds had lost their minds. I hope I’m getting the point across….THIS LIFESTYLE of embracing a more natural, chemical free life, was just not my cup of tea.

In November of 2012 things began to change. I had just recently quit my job as a nurse and I was looking to be more proactive with my family’s wellness journey. I was by no means ANTI-meds, but I did want to know how to be intentional with helping to promote, maintain, and support healthier systems in our bodies. One thing led to another, and I began using products from a company called Young Living. I need you to know I was extremely skeptical at first, but quickly fell in love. My eyes were opened to a whole new way of life. I am thankful for this company for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is because it put me on a path to be more intentional with my health and wellness.

I knew I was going to have to take baby steps when I first began this journey. Going cold turkey on a lifestyle that I had been living for 30+ years was going to be quite the task. So I just began. I started with what I drank. I began by putting Lemon Vitality oil in my, wait for it, SWEET TEA. Yep, all you crazy healthy people out there, you have the liberty to laugh. My first milestone was to quit drinking sodas, then I would move to tea. I drank sweet tea loaded with sugar, but cut out sodas. The following month I moved to sweetening my tea with stevia and still kept the sodas cut out. The month following that I cut out tea altogether and just began to drink water with Lemon Vitality oil in it. Water is my go to now, still to this day. I will occasionally have a Virgil’s Rootbeer or Dr. Better, but that is very rare. I avoid sweet tea at all costs. It’s the one thing that I always loved so very much, and I know I can’t even take a sip of it. I haven’t had sweet tea in probably over four years now. That blows my mind. I have recently picked up drinking hot peppermint herbal tea, and I have to say, it rocks my world. As you can see, I really do mean it when I say…I took MAJOR baby steps.

During this time we began to embrace many Young Living products in our home. We used essential oils 24/7. I replaced my plugins and candles with diffusers. I threw out all my toxic cleaning products and replaced them with Thieves products. We began to take supplements and drink an amazing drink called Ningxia Red. All of these things were baby steps on this journey. It didn’t happen overnight, but one step at a time. I need you to understand all this may sound like we have it all together and we live a squeaky clean life, but PLEASE TRUST ME, we have a long way to go. Eating is something I have seriously put a ton of prayer into. I know that may sound silly, but I have had to ask the Lord to help me make better decisions in regards to the food I consume. So I have decided to begin new baby steps and bring you along for the journey. If I share with you, it somehow forces me into walking out what I say.

For the remainder of May and June, I will be focusing on “snacking”. Making better decisions on what I consume between meals. I would love for you to tag along for the ride over the next two months. I will be sharing a few more bits and pieces of changes and baby steps we made. I will also share tips to help you kick those sugary drinks to the curb. Ahhhhh. I believe in you. You can do this. YOU are worth it. I’m telling you, it’s time to buckle down and get more intentional with our health. If I can do this, you can too!

Before we part ways I just want to say one more time, baby steps are still steps. All our steps will look different. Maybe your steps will be removing toxic cleaning supplies from your home. It may be replacing your candles with diffusers. You don’t have to totally do away with the things you eat and drink right now, just begin your journey. So many times we don’t even begin because we compare ourselves to others or the mountain that seems to be in front of us. That is not going to be your story. You are going to embrace change one small step at a time. You will be glad you did. I can’t wait for us to go on this journey together.

See ya back here tomorrow. Love ya,